Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spider Trees??

In 2010 there was MAJOR flooding in Pakistan.  And by major, I mean one fifth of the entire country was under water.  Over 300,000 square miles of land were under water.  To put this into perspective, Texas is only about 265,000 square miles.  While the flooding was a terrible thing that displaced millions of people one interesting thing has resulted;  Millions and millions of spiders climbed tress to get away from the rising water.  The water took so long to recede back to normal levels that the trees in the affected areas basically became cacooned in spiderwebs.
Pretty fucking crazy huh?  well, there is one good thing that has resulted in all the spider trees across Pakistan; Mosquito populations have declined and the spread of malaria has greatly slowed down. This is pretty amazing considering how much standing water there was after the flooding.   Here's some more pictures;

millions and millions of spiders reclaiming trees as their own?  Now that's the fucking craziest thing I've ever seen