Thursday, September 15, 2011

Something to Think About the Debate the Other Night

In case you missed the Tea Party republican presidential debate the other night on CNN there were a few moments where Romney and Perry got into it.  I still don't understand how Perry is the front runner right now in the media and gets the large majority of the attention when polls keep showing that Ron Paul is doing as well or better.  Besides the fact that the networks and the major media only treat Romney and Perry as the front runners, the other two things that bothered me the most were both when Ron Paul was speaking.  Ron Paul basically said that the 911 attacks happened as a long term result of our foreign policy and the crowd began booing. you can watch that clip here. I dont get these people.  He said nothing controversial.  The only thing I can do is be thankful that I live in Northern California in an area free from those types of people.
The worst part of the debate was when Paul was speaking later and they asked him a hypothetical question asking if he would let a 30 year old man with no insurance die on his deathbed and a lot of the audience cheered loudly.  watch clip here.  How can anyone as a human being just let anybody die and not help???  WOW these tea partiers are freaking assholes.  Again, I am so happy I live not anywhere near these people.

Now lets look beyond the small details from the debate and look at what has been put right in our face that we seem to ignore.  THE FACT THAT THERE IS EVEN A TEA PARTY DEBATE!!!  This is the largest TV news network in the world teaming up with a splinter group of the party and treating it as an equal.  Yes the Tea Party shaped the last election and got a few seats but in 2008 CNN or anybody didn't team up with progressives who shaped the 2008 elections.  But now, CNN is proudly putting its name on a Tea Party event.  Look beyond this and realize that CNN is really just trying to pry away a few fox viewers.  Its not about having credibility anymore.  Its all about the ratings.

Look beyond all of this BS that you see every day and make up your mind yourself.  Here....I'll help ;)

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